Thursday, 8 December 2016


headshot movie poster


Fans of the “Raid” movies will be on happily familiar turf with “Headshot,” in which the Indonesian star/action-choreographer of those films, Iko Uwais, teams with directing duo Timo Tjahjanto and Kimo Stamboel (a.k.a. “The Mo Brothers”) to fill another two hours with terrifically visceral fight scenes. There’s a little more plot on hand this time — which is to say, a tad more than practically none — which helps delay the nonetheless inevitable too-much-of-a-good-thing saturation point of this gore fest. Still, fans of extreme Asian genre action won’t care that things eventually grow somewhat predictable and repetitive: In terms of sheer, punchy physical vigor, “Headshot” is a knockout.
Pretty Ailin (Chelsea Islan) is a Jakarta med-school student interning on a small Indonesian island when the body of a battered man is found washed ashore. It turns out he’s not quite dead, and in two months under her care, he wakes from his coma. Initially amnesiac due to a bullet lodged in his brain, with no memory of who he is or how he got there, he’s dubbed “Ishmael” (she’s reading Melville). But news of the mysterious stranger gets back to crime kingpin Mr. Lee (Sunny Pang), who knows exactly who the young man is — in fact, it was Lee himself who shot him, for rebellious behavior, and had him thrown into the sea. Ishmael (Uwais) is really Abdi, one of numerous children kidnapped by Lee’s organization over the years and trained. Those who survived the sadistic training grew up to be remorseless, unthinkingly loyal killers. It’s a cult-like operation, and our hero made the near-fatal mistake of trying to leave the cult.
Regrouping his forces after a bloody escape from prison (a set piece that opens the film), Lee is more determined than ever to snuff out any opposition within his ranks. When the recovered Abdi proves elusive, Ailin is kidnapped to lure him into the gang’s clutches.
At about the midpoint, the already action-packed film becomes a straightforward gauntlet of mostly one-on-one fight scenes, as Abdi must battle his way up the hierarchy of lethal former fellow assassins (played in ascending order by Zack Lee, David Hendrawan, Very Tri Yulisman and Julie Estelle) before his inevitable face-off with the evil Mr. Lee.
There’s little narrative surprise or suspense once that trajectory kicks in, and “Headshot” is the kind of movie where you have to overlook myriad credulity-stretching aspects to buy the premise at all. Not only does Ishmael/Abdi constantly elude hails of close-range automatic gunfire and bounce back from bone-crackingly brutal punishment, but he rises from a coma looking like someone who’s just spent those same 60 days doing abdominal crunches. Of course, realism is hardly on the menu with a pure adrenaline fantasy like this one. What it does serve up in massive quantities is showy action of both the bullet-ballet and martial arts variety, with other implements (including chopsticks) thrown in to further ratchet up the frequent digital spurts of blood.
As with the “Raid” films, the visual content is first-rate, and just about any of the set pieces here might have provided an admirable climax to a lesser genre exercise. Lined up in a row, however, they begin to lose some impact after a while, though the Mo Brothers (moving away from the more horror-focused terrain of prior features “Macabre” and “Killers”) prove as adept at staging them as “Raid” helmer Gareth Evans. Likewise, the star’s action choreography (credited to “Uwais Team,” while both he and Tjahjanto are billed as the action directors) is imaginative as well as ass-whippingly intense.
Performances are fine considering the one-dimensional nature of the characters. Likewise, a tad more thought could have been expended in the service of generating a few more plot fillips, and perhaps using a more diverse array of locations than the nondescript ones deployed here. But “Headshot” is very single-minded about what it is interested in — fights, fights, and more fights — so everything else in the efficiently tooled conception and assembly must take a back seat. And indeed, the film does what it does so well that few will care about its skimping in nearly every other basic department.

Saturday, 3 December 2016

NIO EP9 Fastest Electric Car In The World

NIO EP9 Fastest Electric Car In The World.

The secret is in the four electric motors and four separate gearbox, and the adaptation of technology Formula E.
Ever heard the name NextEV? Unless you follow Formula E (Formula 1, car electric), chances are you did not know him. The China-based company has recently made a breakthrough by uncovering the fastest electric car that claimed universal.The claim does not come without proof. EP9 electric car named NIO has a new record by completing the Nürburgring circuit in 7 minutes 5 seconds. Not surprisingly, given NextEV lot of adapting the technology they use in Formula E to this car. 
nio ep9 back
Apart from all the advantages and sexuality, you will encounter difficulties NIO EP9 on the streets. Because, NextEV only produce six units, and everything was in the hands of the founders of the company even though the price tag per unit is estimated to reach 1.2 million dollars.

Before you step away disappointed, NextEV plans to launch another electric car in 2017. Certainly not a class supercar like this, but at least the price could be more reasonable for consumers at large. this car only produced only 6 units for worldwide. Fancy buying one? You're out of luck. As AutoExpress reports, NextEV is only building six cars and they've all been snapped up by the company's founders. Each one reportedly costs $1.2 million to build, so only the most deep-pocketed individuals could have afforded one anyway. Thankfully, NextEV is promising another launch sometime in 2017 -- a regular production car (maybe a Model 3 competitor) that should be a tad cheaper.

FIRST LOOK: NIO EP9 - NextEV's Electric Supercar

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Water Tower Converted into Single Family Home

Built for a single-family house from this tower has what every homeowner could want along with some unique functions. The house is also equipped with the latest IT technology and sophisticated Domotich system that allows a person to control many aspects in this house. It covers everything from the intensity and color of light, the temperature of each room to the volume of the music on the sound system.
Below you will see an attractive home gallery, photographed by Jasmine Van Hevel, along with additional information about the layout and interior.

From Inside The House:

he main floor kitchen, living room, and dining areas are integrated into the rest of the building via multiple staircases. This spiral staircase in the center of the room leads up to a steel bridge and a ladder to the next floor. The staircase is enclosed in chalkboard material, which adds whimsy to this modern space.
Photography by Jasmine Van Hevel.

On the opposite side of the chalkboard staircase is a massive black wicker sectional topped with pristine white cushions and accented with dark taupe pillows. An ottoman can be pushed up against the chaise or used as extra seating.
Photography by Jasmine Van Hevel.

The next floor up contains the spacious bathroom, with one wall entirely in long black tiles. Bright orb lights dot the wall between the mirrors. The two matching vessel sinks curve sensually on the minimalist black vanity.
Photography by Jasmine Van Hevel.

 A close up of the bathroom’s mirror reveals the sleek way the lights have been integrated into the wall.
Photography by Jasmine Van Hevel.

From outside The House: 

This massive brick and concrete water tower has been fitted with immense windows to provide the space with plenty of natural light. Huge windows at the top of the tower afford the top floor a magnificent view.

Great View

A final view of the home at night shows the way the lights bounce off the concrete stripes, almost making this home seem to glow.
Photography by Jasmine Van Hevel.

Friday, 25 November 2016

Artwork made of shadow

This artwork was created by Vincent Bal, The Belgian artist has a very creative idea he made several works of art by using perspective shadow, by utilizing a variety of materials like Vapor, Aple, Car Toys and etc

Instagram: Vincent Bal

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Saitama One Punch Man vs Marvel Superhero and DC Superhero who will be the winner?

One punch man - One Punch Man is manga One and Yusuke Murata published in Young Jump. One Punch Man was originally a webcomic created by someone with the pen name One since 2009. Until then Yusuke Murata (manga Eyeshield 21) contacting one and talk about the possibilities for collaboration. In 2012, the realization remake of One Punch Man who some time ago had adapted version of the anime (season 1). in One Punch Man, we will meet with Saitama, an ordinary man who becomes a superhero as a hobby. Saitama not a superhero who could fly, or it can penetrate walls or have a super-sophisticated equipment. His ability to just one, a punch that could make enemies destroyed just like that. No matter as good as any enemy in front of him, Saitama can always defeat the enemy with a single blow! So, what if Saitama against the superheroes of Marvel and DC? Questions and fantasy are apparently many fans answered by the illustrators through their fan-art. Curious. So if you are fans from them please give your vote!

Saitama One Punch Man VS Superman


Who will the winner?

One Punch Man
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Saitama One Punch Man VS Hulk


Who will the winner?

One Punch Man
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Saitama One Punch Man VS Thanos


Who will the winner?

One Punch Man
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Monday, 21 November 2016

scientific explanation why we can feel comfortable after seeing the trees?


Studi di Amerika Serikat bertajuk Environmental Pollution yang dipublikasikan jurnal Elsevier, menguak manfaat kesehatan yang bersumber dari pohon. Ditemukan bahwa setiap pohon dewasa menyerap 17 metrik ton polusi udara. Secara kolektif, pohon mampu mencegah 670.000 kasus masalah pernapasan seperti asma dan 850 kematian manusia. 

Laporan saintifik yang diterbitkan oleh pada tahun 2015 tentang kehidupan di sebuah lingkungan di Toronto, menemukan bahwa mereka dengan laporan kesehatan terbaik, tinggal di rumah yang memiliki tak kurang dari 10 pohon. Jika dikonversi dalam materi, persepsi kesehatan tersebut dirasakan seolah seperti mendapat peningkatan pendapatan sebesar Rp 135 juta.

Studi di Rumah Sakit Pennsylvania pada tahun 1970 tentang proses pemulihan pasien menemukan, bahwa mereka yang kamarnya memiliki suguhan pemandangan pepohonan, sembuh lebih cepat daripada pasien yang tinggal di kamar tanpa pemandangan pepohonan.

Di Jepang, teknik penyembuhan seperti ini disebut metode terapi Shinrin Yoku. Yakni satu cara menyerap energi untuk menguatkan berbagai elemen kesehatan dengan menghirup atmosfer alami hutan.

Singkatnya, Shinrin Yoku ini seperti “mandi hutan’. Menurut data, manfaat Shinrin Yoku akan terasa setelah satu bulan. Bagi kamu yang stress dengan tekanan kehidupan, pekerjaan atau asmara yang nyaris membuat putus asa, cobalah mempraktikkan Shinrin Yoku. Usai shalat subuh, keluar rumah menuju taman berjalan menikmati alunan harmoni “the little forest”. 

Di kampung yang cenderung masih terpelihara naturalitasnya, urgensi pohon mungkin tak begitu terasa. Di kota-kota besar, pohon adalah harapan dan bahkan kerap dirindukan.

Kebutuhan akan pohon mengilhami manusia untuk mempertahankan keberadaan ekosistem pepohonan. Dalam skala administratif, pemerintah membuat aturan yang mewajibakn keberadaan pohon sebagai harta bersama. Kita mengenalnya dengan ruang terbuka hijau (RTH). Menurut UU Nomor 26 Tahun 2007, setiap kota mesti memiliki minimal 30% dari total luas wilayah.

Bagi masyarakat urban, suatu saat pohon di pekarangan barang kali akan menjadi aset penting dan kekayaan yang bernilai tinggi.

Dalam skala bisnis, sepengamatan penulis sendiri ada beberapa mal, superblok serta kota mandiri yang betul-betul menonjolkan popohonan. Misalnya di Bintaro, pembangunan kotanya memasukkan unsur pepohonan sebagai bagian penting. Bahkan di beberapa kawasan di Bintaro, suasananya mirip hutan, padahal di kiri kanan ada jalan raya dan perumahan.

Pusat perbelanjaan terkenal di Jakarta, yang paling tersohor tamannya adalah Central Park Mall yang memang berada di kawasan superblok Podomoro City. Tepatnya Tribeca Park yang selalu jadi opsi arena rekreasi keluarga. Di Bintaro, penulis sendiri sering memanfaatkan taman Bintaro Xchange Mall (BXC) yang cukup rindang untuk lari pagi. Meskipun usia pepohonan di taman yang dilengkapi jogging track tersebut masih belia karena memang BXC baru dibuka tahun 2014.

Konsep kehidupan hijau juga sudah menjadi selling point tersendiri produk residential. Jika search di Google, kita akan dengan sangat mudah menemukan perumahan yang menggunakan kata “Green” Misalnya Green Park, Green Village, Green Residence, Green Lake dan yang semacamnya. 

Developer besar bahkan mengembangkan hunian ala hutan yang mungkin unik jika kita sebut forest residential dengan menawarkan konsep one stop green living seperti Orchard Park Batam.

"Believe it or not only the forest and the trees which could provide our further because of the money and property can not be eaten"

Save our world starts with trees in our environment

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Mosfilm Studio Moskow


Although less well known, Mosfilm in Moscow is one of the oldest studio. Inside the property there is a ghost town that can be visited traveler.

His name movie studios, of course, there are a variety of property used for the purpose of making the film. Holywood in the US In addition, there is also Mosfilm in Russia is no less cool.

In operation since 1920, Mosfilm has been producing around 3,000 films with different themes. One of the most interesting is probably the colossal war-themed movie nan dramatic.

For this purpose, Mosfilm also has a spacious area that is filled by the property houses to cars that were falling apart. Glance instead looks like a ghost town abandoned

an overview from mosfilm moskow:

This is first time I know if moskow have Hollywood like on United States
Mosfilm moskow open on business day from 10:00 a.m - 06:30 p.m Moskow
Price for the tickets:
Adults is 460 Ruble or Only $ 8.00
Kids 310 Ruble or Only $ 5.00