Sunday, 20 November 2016

Mosfilm Studio Moskow


Although less well known, Mosfilm in Moscow is one of the oldest studio. Inside the property there is a ghost town that can be visited traveler.

His name movie studios, of course, there are a variety of property used for the purpose of making the film. Holywood in the US In addition, there is also Mosfilm in Russia is no less cool.

In operation since 1920, Mosfilm has been producing around 3,000 films with different themes. One of the most interesting is probably the colossal war-themed movie nan dramatic.

For this purpose, Mosfilm also has a spacious area that is filled by the property houses to cars that were falling apart. Glance instead looks like a ghost town abandoned

an overview from mosfilm moskow:

This is first time I know if moskow have Hollywood like on United States
Mosfilm moskow open on business day from 10:00 a.m - 06:30 p.m Moskow
Price for the tickets:
Adults is 460 Ruble or Only $ 8.00
Kids 310 Ruble or Only $ 5.00