Sunday, 20 November 2016

4 Cozy place for drink coffee in jakarta with a many electric plugs

1. Kopium Artisan Coffee.

The place is not just selling a coffee, but also other menu like tea, milkshakes and a variety of food choices. The room is also unique in that there are a few spots that disparate designnya photogenic. No need to worry about your phone battery again sista, because the coffeehouse serve you with electri plugs at each table! So dont worry you couldn't take a selfie here.

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2. Widstik Coffee & Dessert.

The walls are filled with pictures doodle instagrammable, Widstik Coffee one famous coffehouse in Jakarta. even teenagers came here just for take a photographs and doing selfie on the walls of this doodle, varied menu of food offered and the most important from this place is the price is quite affordable. If you are one of them, please do not hesitate to coming on this cafe and loads of power plugs so not to worry about running out of battery!

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3. Bakoel Koffie Cikini.

Coffee places in the Cikini area is indeed different from other coffee shops, cozy banget tempatnya :v, with room setting like you on 80' with a peaceful atmosphere, you must try this coffe shop! recommended

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4. Portafilter Artisan Coffee.

I seriously love how this coffee shop is designed, from outside it had this cool minimalist-industrial Singaporean cafe vibe about it (I did feel that way) and I was glad that it did not look like cluster cafes! I fell for the cafe as soon as my first step inside, it had this open-space feel to it even though I technically knew I was indoor, maybe it was the glass window surrounding the space allowing the sight to see the outside as well as the warm-loving natural daylight wildly streaming in. Short to say, I felt like I was in a quite spacious home with cool rustic-industrial interior plus the lingering smell of the fresh-brewed coffee. Perfect.

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