Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Water Tower Converted into Single Family Home

Built for a single-family house from this tower has what every homeowner could want along with some unique functions. The house is also equipped with the latest IT technology and sophisticated Domotich system that allows a person to control many aspects in this house. It covers everything from the intensity and color of light, the temperature of each room to the volume of the music on the sound system.
Below you will see an attractive home gallery, photographed by Jasmine Van Hevel, along with additional information about the layout and interior.

From Inside The House:

he main floor kitchen, living room, and dining areas are integrated into the rest of the building via multiple staircases. This spiral staircase in the center of the room leads up to a steel bridge and a ladder to the next floor. The staircase is enclosed in chalkboard material, which adds whimsy to this modern space.
Photography by Jasmine Van Hevel.

On the opposite side of the chalkboard staircase is a massive black wicker sectional topped with pristine white cushions and accented with dark taupe pillows. An ottoman can be pushed up against the chaise or used as extra seating.
Photography by Jasmine Van Hevel.

The next floor up contains the spacious bathroom, with one wall entirely in long black tiles. Bright orb lights dot the wall between the mirrors. The two matching vessel sinks curve sensually on the minimalist black vanity.
Photography by Jasmine Van Hevel.

 A close up of the bathroom’s mirror reveals the sleek way the lights have been integrated into the wall.
Photography by Jasmine Van Hevel.

From outside The House: 

This massive brick and concrete water tower has been fitted with immense windows to provide the space with plenty of natural light. Huge windows at the top of the tower afford the top floor a magnificent view.

Great View

A final view of the home at night shows the way the lights bounce off the concrete stripes, almost making this home seem to glow.
Photography by Jasmine Van Hevel.